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How to block a lady that is definite sending me chat invites?

How to block a lady that is definite sending me chat invites?

To block a certain woman from sending you chat invitations just click „block“ into the pop-up invite out of this lady. You will be able to invite her to chat yourself if you change your mind later and decide to chat with the „blocked“ girl.

what are the restrictions for online talk?

Through the chat that is online can not trade individual contact information such as for instance postal target, direct telephone number, e-mails, ID’s for online immediate message solutions such as for example ICQ, AIM, Jabber, MSN, IRC, Skype and stuff like that, you cannot trade links to Web web-sites. These details will be immediately deleted through the text of the talk. If you need to trade individual email address such as for instance postal target and a telephone number, be sure to, send it in your letter to a girl. We additionally ask you not to ever make use of obscene terms while you chat.

What exactly is chat that is video?

Movie chat is video clip streaming from woman’s web-cam which you yourself can see while communicating with your ex.

just how much does video clip talk expense?

One second of video clip talk expenses extra 0,0016 POINTs, that is you keep up communicating with the lady for 0,0016 POINTs per 2nd, and either you or she or each of the video can be watched by you streaming from the web-cam for extra 0,0016 POINTs per second. Therefore, it costs 0.0032 POINTs per secod; if both video-streams are turned on (you and the girl see each other) the cost of one second of chat is 0.0048 POINTs if you chat with one steaming of video (either from girl’s web-cam or from your web-cam.

exactly How many POINTs should I have actually to my account in order to begin video clip talk?

You ought to have minimum 1 POINT on your own account to show on video streaming through the woman’s web-camera. But first you ought to start talk communication using the woman. Weiterlesen