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Cannabis extract might act as a treatment for cannabis addiction

Cannabis extract might act as a treatment for cannabis addiction

Dmitry Tishchenko/Getty Images

For folks who are hooked on cannabis, one treatment choice are, paradoxically, to just simply take pills containing an extract of cannabis.

The very first test for the concept has unearthed that individuals using capsules of the extract, referred to as cannabidiol or CBD, almost halved the actual quantity of cannabis they smoked, based on outcomes presented at New Scientist Live this week.

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Cannabis is normally regarded as a soft medication, many users – about 1 in 10 by one estimate – become addicted, getting withdrawal signs such as for example anxiety and sleeplessness when they make an effort to stop.


The amount of individuals seeking therapy because they can’t give up smoking cannabis happens to be increasing in the previous decade, related to an utilization of the livlier type called skunk, said Val Curran of University College London during the occasion. Weiterlesen